How do I make use of the free trial?

Complete our Free Trial Service Form on our Website (24clippinpathservices) and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Can I get a quote for my images?

Use the “Request a Quotation” form to send your images and instructions. We will get back to you within six hours. If you need urgent service, please send an email to: info24clippingpathservice@gmail.com

How is image complexity decided upon for pricing?

Our quotes are based on what we estimate would be the total working time that an expert hand requires to complete the task. We offer Discount/Flat rate for bulk orders.

What is your turnaround time (TAT)?

Our Turnaround time depends on the complexity level of your images and the quantity. We let you know the turnaround time along with the quotation once we receive your images. In general, we provide 24 Hours TAT. Please let us know which TAT you need.

Do you have any minimum order requirement?

No! We do not believe in enforcing limits that may prevent the success of our client projects.

What happens if I am not happy with completed images?

Firstly, we would like to say that we always try to provide best quality image editing service and your images are handled by highly qualified professional image editor, and our experience has been that our customers don’t disappointment with the result we provide. It’s a rare occurrence. However, in the unfortunate event of dissatisfaction, send us an email describing the problem and your requirements, and we will check your images again with short time and at no extra cost. If you don’t like that, we will refund 100%

What file type can I send you?

We preferred JPG type of images but We accept any type of file:JPG, TIFF, PSD, EPS,      RAW/NEF Pictures.

What format will the completed files be?

In the original format, or if a request is made, we can return the file in a different format.

Will you use my images for commercial purposes?

No, we always respect client confidentiality

How can I transfer my files?

We currently use two methods for uploading and downloading files from our clients:

(1) FTP account set up.

(2) Third-parity online drive sites such as Dropbox, Google Driver or WeTransfer

Is your FTP server secure?

We create individual FTP account for each client with a unique username and password. Only you and we are granted to access your FTP account. Please send a request to create your personalized FTP account. We will create it and come back to you with login details as soon as possible.

Please contact us for a quote